The Electronic House Rebel Tom Schön the already stepped into the 80s with the electronic music in contact, and there already witnessed the beginning of the electronic music scene, turned his records since 1999 not only in some local clubs such as Frankfurt the U60311, or the Cocoon – but is on the way just in cities such as Berlin, Cologne and in many parts of Europe. His sound ranges from deep tech house to techno with the own unique pumpin House-Rebel-Style.

Tom has in his career already released on labels such as Circle Music, BluFin, Dr. Motte ‘s label Praxxiz, Soundso Rec., Sickness, Fassade Rec., Affin, Soap Rec., Delikt-Music, DSR Digital, Global Echoes, Abiesa Rec., Glovel Deep and Pure Pure Rec. His next release is ready to be published on KOYO Records and will be out soon.

Tom Schön also produced a long time under the deep house project “Magory”, which he played together with Rob Strobe.

He currently has his residency in Frankfurt’s Tanzhaus West West at the series of events COLOURS.

Now he is working on his first debut album in a cooperation with Richard Sturm. Name of the project is SCHÖN & STURM. First tracks and remixes are released. check it out !!!

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